What is Bubble Soccer??

Born in Norway, Bubble Soccer has very quickly expanded and is now being played here in SW Missouri.  It’s full contact soccer at its best. The rules are simple. Stay alert, look all around you, score goals, and oh yeah…. HAVE FUN!!!

We offer a game that won't be forgotten!  You don't have to be a soccer player to enjoy this game.  It's more about bumping into each other and less about soccer.   Challenge your friends, co-workers, teachers, coaches, etc... to a game!  Bubble Soccer is not only a great exercise, but also a hilarious way to have fun. People watching will have almost as much fun as the players!

Bubble Soccer is an alternative and whacky way of playing the beautiful game.    

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Disclaimer:  Be prepared to get a work out, laugh like you have never laughed before and create memories that will last a life time.

UnbelievaBubbleSoccer -- | Ozark,  MO