Clean Bubbles

Safety is one of our top concerns.  We inspect our equipment all the time to make sure everything is functioning properly.  A major concern is cleanliness.  There have been some recent articles discussing infections caused by inflatables, bounce houses, ball pits, exercise mats, etc...  The main cause for such infections is lack of cleaning.  BTW, Bubble Soccer was not listed but we want to take a proactive approach.

We take the time to methodically clean our Bubbles after each use.  We want to make sure that they are sterilized and free from germs before our next event.  We use soapy water to wash each bubble, we then spray them with water (specially the shoulder straps) and then apply a mixture of water/Hydrogen Peroxide (to kill any germs we may have missed).  We carry these products with us should we need to clean a bubble during an event.

My own family plays Bubble Soccer.  I keep our bubbles clean and safe for my family (so you know they are safe and clean for yours).

UnbelievaBubbleSoccer -- | Ozark,  MO