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UnbelievaBUBBLE Soccer is located in Springfield MO.  Our goal is to provide an exciting way of playing soccer for anyone in SW Missouri.  You don't have to be a soccer player to play.  You simply need the urge to exercise, laugh and have fun.  

Edmond McClure is the founder and owner of UnbelievaBUBBLE Soccer.  Edmond has over 40 years of soccer experience.  He was born and raised in Brazil, South America.  His mom said that his first steps were taken "running" towards a soccer ball.  He has enjoyed every type of soccer imaginable (i.e. Field Soccer, Futsal, Tennis Soccer, Golf Soccer, Beach Soccer, etc...).  Now he brings a very unique type of soccer to SW Missouri; one that does not require actual soccer skills.  

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"My passion is to share the love that I have for the game of soccer.  Bubble Soccer is a very unique experience that will give seasoned players and non soccer players a soccer experience like no other."            --  Edmond

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